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REMAR has been working for twenty-two years now in third world developing countries. Remar Association Spain began its international social work in Europe in Portugal (1982) and in South America (1991), starting in Peru.

Since then, Remar’s assistance has been welcomed in numerous other countries too. (For more information see Remar activities.) Remar Spain’s interest is in helping and training people on the margins of society, of whatever age, sex or condition, who come to Remar centres in various countries, especially those of the Third World. Aware of the needs of these people, as much help as possible has always been sent to them from the more prosperous First World nations.

Since the birth of Remar Ghana and inception of our service to humanity we are committed to supporting our benefactors not only with basic neccessities of life but also to empower them in the acquisition of skills for those whose ambition is to work and others to succeed in their educational pursuit that they may be independent and responsible to their families and society.

In view of this,over the years we have noticed exceptional ability demonstrated by some of our children who love sports and we think it good to help develop their talents towards creating an endless future opportunity for them in the area of Soccer which indeed has become a lucrative and big profession today.
Do you feel you have what it takes to excel to the professional Leagues like Ronaldos, Linonel Messi and others? Remar is on the watch for you!

Finally above all we thank God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ for making this dream a reality today through the generous support of our benevolent  collaborators who beleives and shares in our vision of helping the marginalised of our people discover, develop their talents and especially touching their lives through sport to make future possible.

We also thank the good people who commits themselve to the needs of other Charitable  organisations,the needy,rejected and less previledged for we pray God continue to bless you all as you cease not to do His good Will.

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