The evangelical faith accepted by the body of christ church, has as a doctrinal base belief in:


Confession of faith

  1. As it is given by god in the original documents, it is divinity inspired, in fallible, worthy of all confidence, and by consequence, and it is our guide in all which concerns our faith and our conduct.
  2. Only one God, unique, incomparable and unimaginable, who exists eternally in the persons of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  3. he is God manifested in flesh. Born of a virgin and his life was without sin. We believe in his physical resurrection, his ascension at the side of the father ,his work of mediation ,second commission in that as sovereign pontiff, between god second coming  in power and glory.
  4. salvation of lost men and sinners by the blood that Jesus shed and which can be accepted by faith, without the merit of human works, coincidental with the rebiron by one Holy Spirit.
  5. comes to line in the believer and gives him the power to line a holy life, who shares amongst the faithful gift mysteries and operations to testify and work in the enlargement  of the gospel of the kingdom of god .
  6. unity of the spirit, in all true Christians born of the holy spirit ,by the grace of  god ,who form one church  as the body of Christ ,of which the only head is the lord  Jesus himself.
  7. The resurrection of the saved and also of the lost, the former fer eternal life, the latter for eternal condemnation.

REMAR is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O). According to this, it has in the structure of its organization, “Body of Christ Church”. It is a place for the expression of faith, for devotion, for brotherly communion and edification, for all those who have chosen to give their lives for the service of the Lord and neighbor through love. We have here pastors, co-pastors, deacons and workers.

Each one in a benevolent manner places his talents, gifts, knowledge and abilities at the service of the Body of Christ Church, the brothers in the faith, and a world in suffering. None is more important than the other. All are useful and necessary, everyone has their place. The activities are:

  • Organization of Sunday and Thursday Services.
  • Intercession on Wednesday.
  • Visits and Evangelization in the prisons, distribution of food.
  • Evangelization in the ghettos and on the streets.
  • Evangelization and visits in the hospitals.
  • Distribution of food and clothes to the poor.
  • The research of the unity of the body of Christ is entirely based on the Lord Jesus teachings on social work. We are the body of Christ in movement, a body through which the Lord Jesus touches a world in suffering, visits the prisons, heals the sick, takes care of the widows and orphans, rehabilitates the marginalized, who are the most rejected of Society.

The Body Christ Church also :

  • Organizes spiritual retreats for its members
  • Moments of edification (Fasting and prayer).
  • Seminars to educate workers and yearly congress.


Men of Tomorrow

We consider as a special social obligation, especially, the needs of the youth, which has become our priority for assistance in order for them to have the opportunity to develop their proper individual personalities.

The liberty of the times is not the only factor which influences the youth. Social integration is also necessary. In most cases, the youth do not feel identified either by society nor by their own proper reality, in the same way that society does not provide avenues for their integrations, but rather count on them to realize their own effort. On the other hand also, we know that there are a lot of youth emerging from poverty who have an affection for material things that hinders them to accede to certain things.

These youth return immediately to an inappropriate form of life which induces them to commit illicit acts in their delinquency. Remar Association tries to intervene so that these youth do not end up on the street. We have created professional training centers to occupy, and teach them acquire a dignified occupation to serve them in the future. The professional training is in the domain of masonry, tailoring, auto mechanic, and computer technology.

Remember also that based on the spiritual plan, these youth have a time for fasting, prayer and biblical teachings. It is a way of teaching the youth that it is good to benefit from their adolescence, but it is more important and worthy to receive salvation in their lives. After the reinsertion of these youth, we call them ” MEN OF TOMORROW”, a branch born in REMAR GHANA in 2000.
Men of Tomorrow because after the results in their lives, we can say hope and a bright future rests on them. This programs consists also in creating occasions to get out of their schedules and give them time for divertissement in their youth as “Men of Tomorrow” .