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Remar is a charitable Christian Centre that works benevolently for the amelioration and harmonization for the well being of the society. In effect, REMAR Association was created by ex marginalized persons in SPAIN in 1982 through the ingenuity of JUAN MIGUEL DIEZ ALVAREX, himself an ex gambler and now, PASTOR and PRESIDENT of REMAR INTERNATIONAL. It is noteworthy that REMAR through SPAIN is now present in almost all of EUROPE.

This expansionist idea to give hope to souls dying, in distress and in difficulty, has even touched the continent of America. All South America benefits totally in the Socio Humanitarian actions directed by REMAR (a NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) in each country. Black Africa, also, is never ignored in this process of social assistance of REMAR

Project REY, the Ray of Hope

No to Human Traffic and Child Abuse

REMAR has hundreds of community homes where it cares for orphans, street children, single mothers, drug addicts and alcoholics gratuitously.

No to Drugs Abuse and Smoking

These youth return immediately to an inappropriate form of life which induces them to commit illicit acts in their delinquency.

Our Latest Projects

School Projects

We plan to build a school for over 300 children, including those from REMAR and surrounding villages...

Dormitary Project

We also have in place a dormitory project to house over 200 inmates who are rehabilitating from drugs ...


These rehabilitants will also engage in occupational therapy such as agriculture on the farm...

Latest News

Remar Ghana remembers Brother Simeon one year anniversary

Remar Ghana remembers Brother Simeon one year anniversary…

Ridge Church visits Remar Ghana

On the 19th of July, 2015, we had our fathers and mothers from Ridge Church who did not only come

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